April 16, 2024

Tinubu Must Intervene As Job Racketeering Tears FCC Apart; Dankaka Fingered, DSS Wades In

Tinubu Must Intervene As Job Racketeering Tears FCC Apart; Dankaka Fingered, DSS Wades In

President Bola Tinubu has been called upon to wade into the scandal rocking the Federal Character Commission (FCC) under under the leadership of Dr Muheeba Dankaka.

Our correspondent gather that the FCC Chairman, Dr Muheeba Fareedah Dankaka has been swimming from one scandal to the other and analysts believed that the President should intervene because there are always no smoke without fire.

Observers have therefore called the attention of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to the scandal rocking the Federal Character Commission (FCC) under the leadership of Dr Muheeba Dankaka.

In recent days, the President has indicated his desire to battle against corruption and untoward practices in the nation’s socio-political and economic system.

His strong desire to right the wrongs and instill confidence of Nigerians in his administration has seen to the suspension and detention of the Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele; and the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), AbdurRasheed Bawa.

As the President continues to clear the Augean Stable, many believed that he should bare his searchlight on the FCC.

The FCC is strategic and important to the administration of President Tinubu because of the onerous responsibilities placed upon her to ensure unity and fairness among the federating units in the country with a view to correcting age long alleged imbalances and lopsidedness.

Since 2020, Dankaka has been involved in falsification of identification and certificate scandal which had prompted a non-governmental organisation, LYGEL Youths and Leadership Initiatives Limited to write petitions to both the EFCC and another security organisation which thelegendnewsng.com would not reveal its identiry in order not to jeopardise their ongoing investigations.

Apart from writing petitions to the anti-graft and security bodies, LYGEL Youths and Leadership Initiatives Limited had taken further step on the matter by going to court.

As at the time of writing this report, lovetvnews Nigeria investigations have revealed that the case which was initially assigned to Justice Ekwo, has been assigned to another judge.

The FCC Chairman continues to battle with inconsistencies in her names as well as academic qualifications on all the documents she presented to the Presidency, Senate and other authorities on the basis of which she was considered as the Chairman, cleared by the Senate and sworn-in as the Chairman of the Commission.

All through her life, Muheebah has been known and address as Muheebah Adenike or Nike Salawu with Salawu changing to Dankaka when she got married, all her documents read Muheebah or (Muibat) Adenike or (Nike) Salawu or Salau. But rather ironically and very controversially, the name sent to the Senate for screening and approval by the Presidency reads: Dr Muheeba Fareedah Dankaka.

Suddenly, the name change occured without any official document to back it up, she became known and addressed as Dr Muheebah Fareedah Dankaka. In the early years of her assumption of office, she was known and addressed as Dr Muheebah Fareedah Dankaka. Even the portrait of her photograph in the office then bears Dr Muheeba F Dankaka. The question Muheeba has failed to provide answer to was how she got the new name: Fareedah!

Rather than provide answers to this, she cleverly removed the ‘Fareedah’ from her official name and issue instructions that she should be addressed and called Dr Muheeba Dankaka.

Even the ‘Dr’ prefix to her name is controversial. She claimed that she got the honourary Doctorate Degree from Pacific Western University of Denver, State of Colorado, Owerri Study Campuses Center. A very controversial claim. This institution only existed in Hawaii and not Colorado, briefly until 2006. The institution was proscribed by the US education authorities in 2006, a year before Dankaka allegedly obtained the controversial honourary doctorate degree.

Moreover, the said University was declared one of the illegal universities operating in Nigeria by the National University Commission (NUC), and thus closed down by the Commission.

According to the Resume she presented at the Upper Legislative Chamber, she was born in 1964 but concluded her primary education in 1972, just eight years later, meaning she started primary education at the age of two! Even at the present jet age, nobody starts primary education at the age of two.

Her testimonial from the secondary school she attended said she completed her ‘Senior Secondary School’ education in 1978, a period when the 6-3-3-4 system of education has not even commenced in Nigeria.

Scandal is like a second name to Dankaka and she seems to love the good things of life.

Hell bent on keeping the ‘Dr’ title, she arranged another doctorate degree from another foreign university, this time from neighbouring Republic of Benin.

In second week of May, 2023, delegation from ESFAM Benin University, Porto Novo, came calling with another honorary doctorate degree in Business Administration.

Dankaka made sure the award, she received in her office, was not only well celebrated but also reported in the media. The Punch newspaper of Monday, 22 May, 2023, published the photograph of the event on page 25.

Now to the mother of all scandals, job racketeering!

Thepostmasterng.com can exclusively report that Dankaka has created a job racketeering racket where job slots from the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) meant for the benefits of all Nigerians, are sold to job seeking Nigerians.

The job racketeering scandal was busted by the Department of State Security (DSS).

A discreet petition was sent to the DSS office on the allegation and the security agency swung into action and can of worms spearheaded by Dankaka have been uncovered!

A syndicate set up by the FCC Chairman has been fleecing innocent job-seeking Nigerians off their hard-earned money.

Jobs opportunities meant for the competent and qualified citizens of this country who have toiled hard through tick and thin to obtain good grades in their chosen disciplines are denied by Dankaka to participate in the job opportunities but rather sells the job through her syndicate members to incompetent and half baked graduates whose spoilt parents have capacity to pay any amount.

However the job-racketeering scheme has run into a big problem. Many of the job seekers who have paid can’t get jobs promised them.

When the jobs were not forthcoming, the victims reacted and the DSS have to be invited in.

For some months, lovetvnews Nigeria can confirmed that the security agency have waded into the matter with some arrests made.

Investigation by this medium revealed that family members of Dankaka in Offa are involved in the job racket.

One of them is her elder sister, Alhaja Kudi on telephone number 08038359079 while his brother, Muftau Kolawole Shittu, a civil defence officer, on 07063230656 is the elder to one AbdulHakeem Sanjo Shittu who was arrested by DSS operatives and spent 35 days in detention. He can be reached on 07036031814. Muftau Kolawole Shittu has been using his office to lobby the DSS Akure office on behalf of his brother who used his account to receive money from job seekers on behalf of Dankaka, the chairman, FCC.

Our investigations further revealed that Muftau Kolawole Shittu has physically been to the DSS office in Akure on behalf of his brother more than three times.

Job seekers pay as low as N750,000 and as high as N7 million, depending on the MDAs where the jobs are being sought.

The money from the various accounts are transferred into the main account in Access Bank owned by one Auwal Auwal Kundi from the money is allegedly changed into Dollar denomination for alleged onward transfer to Dankaka.

At the end of the racket is one Babatunde Opoola popularly called Scanty.

Scanty is a staff of the FCC office in Ilorin but had to be hurriedly transferred to the Abuja office of Dankaka when the DSS heat was getting too much for him.

However, when a Lagos based online newspaper reported extensively on the issue, Dankaka hurriedly transferred him back to Ilorin.

The syndicate members with great support of the Offa Descendants’ Union (ODU) are making frantic efforts to repay back the collected monies from the victims (job seekers).

The ODU is also making frantic efforts at saving the job of Dankaka.

At present, the DSS have extracted undertaking for Dankaka’s allies to pay back the money they collected from the job seekers and the security is supervising the payment at its Akure office.

Thepostmasterng.com can exclusively reports that the last has not been heard on the matter as Dankaka is running helter skelter to retain her position.

Observers therefore believed that President Tinubu should be beamed his searchlight on the Commission before it soil the image of his people-oriented policies which have been receiving rave reviews all over.

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