June 25, 2024

Kingdom Men Mega Summit 2024: Christians Urged To Unite Towards 2027 General Elections

Kingdom Men Mega Summit 2024: Christians Urged To Unite Towards 2027 General Elections

The Senior Pastor of Voice of His Word Ministries, Apostle (Dr) Bolaji Akinyemi, has urged Christians in Nigeria to wake up from their slumber.

Dr Akinyemi, the convener of Apostolic Round Table, stated this as one of the guest speakers on the first day of a three day discourse titled: “Choices: Consequences, Outcomes and Destinies,” on Thursday May 16 in Lagos.

Apostle Akinyemi said that until Nigerians change their mind about leadership, the country might not experience positive changes.

The convener of Apostolic Round Table further stated that unless Nigerians itemise the qualities needed in leadership before voting people into power, Nigeria might not get it right.

He gave an example in the Holy Bible, where King Nebuchadnezzar (King of Babylon), requested for the children of Israel from the king’s seed, who are princes, who had no blemish, but who are well favoured and highly skillful in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Guest Speakers at the summit

According Dr Akinyemi, the men that were sent knew what the king wanted, so they went directly to the house of Judah, who had the hand of God on them, and from there they got men, who fit the king’s requirements.

“When they got to power, were they bribed, did they attempt to be bribed? Did they collect bribe, did they attempt to compromise or not? Why didn’t they compromise, it was because Israel, like the church, sent them forth.

From left: Dr Bolaji Akinyemi and convener, Kingdom Mega Summit 2024, Revd Remi Akano

“What is system in church that makes us throw our best into the state? If the church is called upon to produce the next president, I bet you, the church would scatter and possibly the church with the biggest money to donate would snatch it and run away with it and do you now condemn the system of the world, when this is exactly what is happening in the church today?

“Additionally, when you look at the way King David was used to replace Saul, you would marvel.

“One of the servants said “I had seen the son of Jesse” and he began to roll on the floor and began to reel out the profiles of David as befitting what they were looking for. What gave David that job was his character and charisma,” he said.

Guest speaker, Dr Bolaji Akinyemi

The cleric stated that the fire brigade approach seen in churches today must stop, and recommended excessive studies, which he said must be done in contemporary and simple languages.

He said that people should emphasise those things that they look for in leaders and not what the people see one or two months into elections.

According to the Senior Pastor of the Voice of His Word Ministries, in the last general elections, there was no integration in the church, which could affect voting pattern.

He added that it shouldn’t be about noise in the church, but about coming together, not just about creating any hype, but about holding fellowship in the church, wards, at the polling areas and praying for the elections, praying for the value the people want, and that people can’t pray for something and get something else.

Convener Kingdom Men Mega Summit 2024, Rev’d Remi Akano

He then sought indulgence of leadership of the Kingdom of Men, adding that politics is work,
governance is work, politics is talk, and that the place of strategy is what would deliver the election.

“In politics, the majority would always have their way, while the minority would have their say. The church in Nigeria today is the minority. Muslim-Muslim ticket in the presidency has relegated Christians to the minority in the country.

“If you don’t see it now, very soon, you will see it. If you don’t see the role the minority play in talking, engaging, and speaking with the people, you would be shocked with what would happen in 2027.

Opposition is none existence now, the church would do us a favour to come together and set up a strong structure of opposition, that’s the way to serve the interest of the people, the church and the government,” he said.

Speaking about the objective of the discourse, the convener and Chief Steward of Kingdom Men Network, the organisers of 2024 Mega Summit, Rev’d Remi Akano, said that what they just had is what is called equality and governance town hall meeting.

“The objective was to look at choices and how the choices we make impact our lives generally, especially in the area of politics and governance.

“We considered the choices we make as voters, and we hope to come out with some identified issues around which we could agree as Christians and the things we could collectively look out for when we want to choose our leaders.

A group photograph of the participants

“In other words, we should move away from ethnicity, geographical area, or even basic religion. It’s easier when we agree as Christians on certain issues, the discourse is basically about those issues. David stood out because of his character and charisma.

“Hence, the discourse has made us to understand how to move forward, when we want to elect leaders, we should take our mind off where they came from, but see whether they love the people with their hearts, are they servant leaders, and also look at the kind of relationship they have with God,” he said.

He stated that Dr Akinyemi promised to do a draft that they could work with, adding that the truism of many choices people make only come to realisation towards the end of the administration of some politicians.

“We don’t get to know whether you made a right or wrong decision until the end. Meanwhile, it does not only happen in politics, it happens even in marriages.

“We have not made our choices around the things that are enduring. The progress we made today has been tremendous. I believe that today is destined by God and it’s a liberation day. God would enable us to move forward.

“Dr Akinyemi has promised to draft a workable note, we would then set up a committee. He would also nominate people as members of the committee. We will make things happen soon,” he said.

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