May 28, 2024

15 Years Anniversary: Paga Introduces Three New Possibilities For Nigerians

15 Years Anniversary: Paga Introduces Three New Possibilities For Nigerians

…Becomes Preferred Choice

Frontline online payments platform, Paga has become a preferred Choice of people in the market as the organization introduced three new possibilities for Nigerians to benefit from, for a safer, easier and quick transactions to secure their money.

The Founding Chief Executive Officer, Paga, Tayo Oviosu, disclosed this in a interactive media session at their Lagos headquarters during the celebration of the company’s 15-year celebration of financial freedom to all Nigerians.

The founding CEO further stated, Paga has been making life easy for people by impacting the communities and society at large, stressing that Paga of today is different from the past years of agent type of business.

PAGA has transformed into robust-innovations which offers a lot of convenience beyond what banks offer, Oviosu said.

“The Paga most people had known before is not the Paga of today, when we set out on this business. We initially launched out with agent-network with the vision of how to deliver financial freedom to all Nigerians and even Africans. Paga has expanded beyond the agent network,” he said.

The CEO buttressed that in order to bring financial freedom to the people the company has introduced three new lines of business which are Consumer device service which allows smartphone users to download the Paga application (App), using the Apple store, Play store or dial *242# on any mobile device.

“Paga today is a three-line payment-consumer payment, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Doroki. With Paga App, you can have money in the App, link your bank account,sneak your card or get a Visa card or the virtual Visa card on the account,” he said.

Oviosu recalled the inception 15 years with no infrastructures in place, the word ‘Fintech’ didn’t exist, however two years ago it was open to allow others technological companies use the infrastructure which is called Platform as a Service with over 250 businesses in different sectors using the infrastructures.

The CEO described the third possibilities-Doroki as the youngest and super App. suitable for retailers to manage their business without hassle.

It was gathered that Paga was recognized as African fastest growing company by Financial Times and Statista Awards 2023.

The CEO assured the customers of another evolution where physical notes does not exist and everyone can do transaction very quickly without hindrance in their daily activities in the next few years.

It would be recalled that Paga recorded as at the end of first quarter of 2024-ending March, 335 million transactions worth over N14 Trillion since inception which is about USD32 billion Dollars.

“When we celebrated 10 years, five years ago, then and now, we have grown volume five times while our transactions value is seven times in the last five years and it is broad-based growth.

This has created jobs in Nigeria and Ethiopia with over 200 staff, over a thousand direct jobs and over one hundred thousand indirect jobs,” he said

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