May 25, 2024

How Pastor Was Caught With Another Man’s Wife in A Hotel Room

How Pastor Was Caught With Another Man’s Wife in A Hotel Room

Endurance Edet, a Lagos resident, has recounted how police officers at Ejigbo Police Division contrived to detain him after he caught Goodnews Edet, his wife, and Daniel Okorobia, a pastor, in a compromising position in a hotel room.
Edet told FIJ he suspected the pair of having an illicit relationship for a while before eventually confirming his suspicions on April 30, when he caught them together in a hotel room along Isheri-Idimu road, Lagos.

Edet said the police invited him to their station two days later, only to detain him when he honoured the invitation. He said the officers forced him to write and sign an undertaking, pledging not to take action against Okorobia or harm him.

“They invited me and said it was for settlement, but before I knew it, they locked me up for 24 hours,” Edet told FIJ.
“They said it was because of a message my wife sent to the pastor that I might harm her or him. When I asked if I was the one who sent the message, they said no, but they still locked me up.”


Edet told FIJ that he had been married to Goodnews for two years. He also said the marriage is blessed with a son.

He said prior to their union, he and his wife had been good friends who both attended Sanctified Prophetic World Outreach Ministry. He also said Okorobia, pastor of Open Heaven Bethesda Christian Centre, made a guest appearance during a special programme that was held at their church years ago, and met Goodnews during a session.

Pastor Daniel Okorobia
“He met her and told her to come for ‘counseling’, and that was how they started,” Edet told FIJ.

Edet said Okorobia followed Goodnews’ social media activities and made several attempts to connect with her despite knowing she was married.

After reading their messages, Edet said he developed a strong feeling that his wife was going to give in to the pastor’s advances. To allay any doubts, he said he pretended to travel.

When she thought he had indeed gone on a journey, Edet said Goodnews met with Okorobia at Exquisite Hotel, Iyana-Isheri, on April 30. Unknown to her, Edet and his cousin had tracked her to that location.

Edet said Okorobia ran out of the room on sighting them, fell into a gutter and sustained injuries which he would later claim were inflicted on him.

The hotel management later invited the police and they arrested Edet, Goodnews and Okorobia.

When our correspondent contacted Goodnews Edet, she confirmed she had been seeing Okorobia long before she got married to her husband, but their first meeting was disguised as a counselling session which he invited her to.

“He told me my sister had some problems and I needed to come and collect anointing oil and Jalamiya from him,” she said.

“When I got there, I met him stark naked. I didn’t know what came over me, but I gave in to him.”

She said the affair continued for a long time until her wedding.

“Anytime he called me, I would just go. I would not think straight. All I would want to do was meet him and just satisfy him. This went on despite knowing he was married with three children at the time,” Goodnews said.
On the Saturday she was caught, Goodnews said she invited her mother to come look after her son while she visited Okorobia at the hotel.

“When we got there, he transferred N20,000 to me to pay for the hotel, so I paid in my name,” Goodnews said.
“Then he went home to get something. When he came back, we were together. Later, we went to drink and returned to the room.

“I never knew my husband took a room in the same hotel. The whole thing happened fast.”

She said her husband never touched Okorobia, but when they got to the station, the pastor claimed both Edet and his cousin beat him up and caused him bodily harm.

They were later allowed to go around 5 am on Sunday, after Okorobia had paid the police, according to Goodnews.

Later in the day, the police invited Edet to again report at their station on May 2. He showed up and was detained over a text message Goodnews allegedly sent to Okorobia, expressing fear and asking him to beg Edet.


Goodnews insisted that Okorobia and some police officers went to an ATM where he withdrew cash and paid them so Edet could be rearrested.

When our correspondent contacted Gabriel Folorunsho, Ejigbo Divisional Police Officer, he denied collecting any money from Okorobia as claimed.

“Nobody paid any money; I am not aware,” Folorunsho told us.

“I don’t know whether the man told you that a man and a woman went to a hotel room. They had been lovers for four years.

“They went to a hotel that the woman booked by herself for her lover, and while they were inside the room, a man who claims to be the husband of the lady, with another man he hired, broke the door and got the man beaten up and he sustained fractures. He came with a doctor’s report.

“Those that inflicted this assault were detained. They pleaded with the man, were later granted bail, and were released.”


When contacted, Okorobia denied knowing Goodnews was married, and said he never invited her.

“I did not invite her. She came to see me,” he told us.

“I did not know she was married. She has been one of my daughters for some years now. So she came around and said she wanted to see me but did not want to go home because of some issues.

“She invited me to the hotel. When I got to the room, it was not up to two minutes that some people came to my door, knocked and said it was her husband. I asked if she was married, and she said no. They beat me up.

“The next day, they started calling to blackmail and threaten me.”
When FIJ asked about his first meeting with Goodnews and the affair they had, he said, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I cannot remember what happened four years ago.”

Okorobia ended the call when FIJ asked him about the text messages he exchanged with Goodnews.

Source: FIJ

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