June 17, 2024

Hon. Kasunmu Congratulates Alhaji Dally Adedokun

Hon. Kasunmu Congratulates Alhaji Dally Adedokun

Member, representing Ikeja Constiteuncy 2 in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu has congratulated Alhaji Adedkunle Dally-Adedokun on his appointment as the chairman of all All Progressive Congress (APC) LGA in Lagos State.(Conference 57)

In a statement made available to Nationalmoment by the Senior Assistant on Media to Hon Kasunmu, says the appointment is indeed a well-deserved and key point of pride and prowess for Ikeja as the political Constituency of our national LEADER and incoming President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Hon. Kasunmu urged the good people of Ikeja Constituency 2 celebrate you heartily and wish you maximum success as you take over the mantle of leadership as the rallying point of our grassroots politicking across the state.

According to the statement, With you in the saddle, we are assured that your usual sound party politics and high quality leadership we have aways enjoyed in Ikeja, will be replicated at the state level.

ARK Once again, Congratulations and best wishes to the CHAIR of CHAIR.

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