May 28, 2024

Activist Accuses Mother of Grabbing Family Landed Properties in Lagos

Activist Accuses Mother of Grabbing Family Landed Properties in Lagos

The Lagos and the Ogun State Coordinator, Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL), Comrade Ola Agboola Jnr. has accused his mother, Iya Aladura of the Cherubim & Seraphim Church, AYO NI O. Located at Aduke Street, Ojo Road branch, Ajegunle- Apapa, Lagos. Most Special, Senior Mother-in-Isreal, Grace Apeke Agboola formally known as Apeke Jegede of M.10, Anaye Street , Ilesa Osun State of grabbing landed properties belonging to his late father, Prince Andrew Olaseinde Agboola.

Comrade Ola Agboola Jnr. stated this in an interview with Fatai Ifatomi of

“My mother is the second wife of Prince Andrew Olaseinde Agboola, who retired meritoriously in the year 1991, after spending 35 good years of active service in the fighting force of the Nigerian Navy. He hailed from Akure, Ondo State, and he passed away in 2015.

“He built a house at No 68, Mosafejo Road, Ajegunle- Apapa, Lagos.

“My father had a wife before he married my mother in the mid-seventies.
I was the first child of my mother to my late father, who had gotten five (5) grown ups children from the first wife before I was born. Their names are Bolanle Agboola; now Mrs. Fadairo, Olajide Agboola SNR., Bolajoko Agboola; now Mrs. Opkaneka, Adegoke Agboola, and Bolaji Agboola respectively. While their mother’s name is Iya Afin, Esther Agboola from Abeokuta, Ogun State. She died in the year 2010 before the demise of my father. The woman’s last child for my father was Olawale Agboola. She had all together six children for my father, but I was born after the first five children of the woman,” he said.

Speaking further, Comrade Ola Agboola jnr. said that his father died without a will (intestate).

He said that elders in the family from Akure, Ondo State and other family members from Benin, Edo State, held a meeting at 68, Mosafejo Road, Amukoko in 2017 to share the properties of the late Prince Andrew Olaseinde Agboola.

“During the meeting, the family members called all the children to share the properties left behind by my father.

But my mother mentioned to the family that, the only physical property left behind by my father is this house at 68, Mosafejo Road Amukoko, Ajegunle-Apapa Lagos.

“After retirement in 1991, my father acquired landed properties in different locations of Lagos State, namely, Badagry, Ijegemo- Ijegun in Ikotun, and Shasha in Akowonjo all in Lagos. All these were known to many of my older siblings.

“The family members asked my mother that apart from the house at Mosafejo Road (where the meeting was held) whether my father had other properties. She was asked this question because she was the only one (wife) with my father as at the time he died. My mother replied in the affirmative that she was not aware of any other property of my father. My mother had four children for my father. So, my late father had 10 children altogether.

“But my older siblings knew about the other properties my father left behind, especially the landed properties in Mowo area of Badagry, off Iragon road, Omotosho town by Bello Street, Badagry Lagos. My mother said that the landed property mentioned by my older siblings had been taken over by land grabbers before the demise of my father.

“The family members felt that if a land had been taken over by land grabbers, there’s nothing that could be done to reclaim it, and everyone forgot about it at that time. That was what transpired in the family meeting of 2017.

“After the meeting, the family shared the house located at No. 68, Mosafejo Road, Amukoko into two for the children of the two wives (Idi- Igi meji) that’s how it stands till today.

“A Yoruba proverbial says that if a lie travelled for 20 years, truth will catch up with it on one day.

“Seven years after the meeting, we conducted a discreet investigation, which revealed the mystery behind the landed properties. Out of the three lands of three (3) plots in each location scattered all over Lagos, we were able to discover two, located at Mowo in Badagry and Ijegemo-Ijegun area with the supports from my older siblings.

“They were aware of all these while I carried out the investigation. I carried them along as the matter progressed. My older siblings and I pulled resources together to get facts and the truth about the landed properties.

“That was why on the 23rd of December 2023, we were all invited by the family members to a meeting to resolve some of the issues surrounding these matter.

“My mother and my immediate younger siblings, namely: Titilola Agboola, and Dayo Agboola, bolted away and failed to attend the meeting.

“I believe that they avoided the meeting because of suspicion about the various questions that could have come up about the properties.

“On March 31, 2024 (Easter Sunday) the family held a meeting comprising people from Akure and Lagos in order to trash out the issues and all other sundry matters. The family members now asked my mother about the land again. She said the same thing she said in 2017. She insisted that there’s no land anymore and that the lands have been taken over by land grabbers. She never knew that the mystery behind the lands had been unravelled. We pretended as if we still didn’t knew anything about it.

“I then asked her about the land in Ijegemo-Ijegun, which documents was already in our possession. Unfortunately, my mother, my younger siblings and our step brothers have taken over the land too.

“On April 1, 2024, the family decided that we would embark on a facts- finding- mission. She was asked if she could lead us to the place. My mother asked that where exactly are we heading to, we told her that she would know, when we get there.

“The immediate younger brother of my father, Mr. Lawrence Oladimeji Agboola, (also a retired Naval officer) who was enlisted into the Nigerian Navy by my father while in service and Chief Abayomi Agboola from Akure volunteered to follow us for the mission,

“Surprisingly, after the other members of the family had left, Mr Lawrence Oladimeji Agboola spoke with my mum, and later came back to inform us that he had cold and fever that he won’t be able to follow us to the place again. Everyone then went home to rest, that was on Easter Sunday. Meanwhile, we all initially agreed at the meeting to embarked on the journey on Easter Monday.

“On April 1 (Easter Monday) Mr. Lawrence Oladimeji Agboola stood his ground and said that he was not going with us. He said he was going back to his place in Ikorodu. Meanwhile, since we had already arranged a car to take us to the place, I had a plan that after leaving the place, I would personally drop him off in his Ikorodu residence.

“I then went to Mowo-Badagry with Mr. Abayomi Agboola, and Mrs. Bolaji Agboola. We discovered that, on the 3 plots of land, 2 were already housing two buildings at lintel stage erected on each plot.

“We discovered that one of the land belongs to my immediate younger sisters, Titilola Agboola and her husband, while the second belongs to Dayo Agboola and her husband too.

“The third plot of land had been given to Adedeji Gbenga Henry, who’s my step brother, because my mother had already given birth to two Boys before she married my father in the mid-Seventies, but she didn’t bring them home to my father not until I was born.

“The two boys, namely ; Adedeji Muyiwa Christopher and Adedeji Oluwagbemiga Henry were both brought to our house several years after I was born and my father took care of their welfare and education from toddlers to university level.

“My mother gave the third land to Adedeji Gbenga Henry (her 2nd Son) who is not a biological son of my father, and she did this without the knowledge of any of the family members. She connived with Mr. Lawrence Oladimeji Agboola without telling other children of my father.

“The lands in question is now a subject of litigations, because the lands belongs to my father. He bought them from the gratuity, pension and the benefits he collected after his retirement in 1991.

“The person that bought the land for my father is still very alive and he’s living in the areas where the lands are located. He knows the history of the land ab-initio.

“My father’s immediate younger brother, Mr Lawrence Oladimeji Agboola and my mother waited patiently till 2018 to share the lands amongst my siblings and they also went ahead to give part of it to my half brothers, who does not belong to our family lineage.

” Adedeji Henry didn’t write his name in full on the survey corner-piece registered on the one plot of land given to him , this was just a gimmick to deceive and sway people’s attention from knowing the person whom that land belongs to, Knowing fully well that those persons that bought the land for my father lives very close to it. He simply device a means and clone on the corner piece , ‘A & H.’ Meaning, “ADEDEJI HENRY”. This is appalling, disgusting and barbaric. He had intentionally decided not to develop the land because he knew that the land could be an issue in the future.

“We have since also discovered the lands in Ijegemo-Ijegun. So, ‘am very sure that the other lands might have been given to my mother’s last child to my father, (Tope AGBOOLA) and Adedeji Muyiwa her first son. Because Tope was not given anything in Badagry. My mother brought two children from her first husband, Mr. Adedeji, who also hails from Ilesa Osun State to my father’s house, namely ; Muyiwa Christopher and Gbenga Henry Adedejj. Henry Adedeji is the younger brother of Muyiwa,” he said.

Comrade Agboola further said that Henry Olugbenga Adedeji, presently in the service of the Lagos State Ministry of Youths, Sports and Social Developments,
has boasted there’s nothing we could do to him about land, noted he would show us, he works in Alausa, Lagos.

Comrade Agboola Jnr. also affirmed that his mother brought her Church Leader, one Prophet Peter Azeez from Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church Ayo Ni O, located at Aduke Street, Ojo Road Branch, Ajegunle- Apapa, Lagos, to the Badagry land in 2018 after the family had shared the house in Mosafejo Amukoko in the year 2017.

According to him, the Prophet has been with his family for several years even before his father died.

He said that the prophet knew very well that his father had two wives, but still went ahead through my mother’s invite for the purification and spirituality during the foundation laying ceremony on the land by my younger siblings. He, Prophet Azeez knowing fully well that, that land belongs to a polygamous family.

He said that Prophet Azeez allegedly took side with his mum and that he has been with the family for more than 35 years.

“The Children and the Children’s Children would reclaim all other landed properties that belong to my late father and anybody who ought to be a beneficiary shall be accorded same without fear or favour. I see these menace and act of “Thievery”, to be so, as a ‘Cherubim & Seraphim Land grabbers”, and not just land grabbing as my mother had claimed,” he said.

In response to the allegation against Most Special Senior Mother-In-Isreal, Apeke Agboola, our correspondent called the 80-year-old and stated, when the issue of land purchase came up, he was duly informed to buy the landed property and he said, he was not interested, Mama Agboola also said, at the time he was busy with politics in Osun State, I bought those landed properties in the name of those children, if he has any case against the land let him charge me to court that’s where owner of the landed properties would be settled.

The Cherubim & Seraphim leader further said, Comrade Ola Agboola started fighting her when she was informed of her son’s intention to bring in another wife into same house where her husband is buried and she rejected that plan claiming she doesn’t want rival in the same house, she told him to go out and get rented apartment if he intends to bring in another wife.

He had also been told at Lagos State Administrator General and Public Trustee office in Alausa, ‘as long as your mother is alive, there’s nothing like sharing of your late father’s properties’, ‘I worked more than 30 years with Federal Ministry of Works before retirement, she said.

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