March 2, 2024

Cacol Sensitizes Members of The Grassroots At Ojokoro Local Council Development Area

Cacol Sensitizes Members of The Grassroots At Ojokoro Local Council Development Area

The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL yesterday, organized the Grassroots Enlightenment Programme (GEP) for residents of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area in Lagos State.

In a statement issued by CACOL’s Director for Administration and Programmes, Tola Oresanwo on behalf of the anti-graft organization’s Chairman, Mr. Debo Adeniran, he remarked, “This enlightenment programme for members of the grassroots with the theme: People, Government Partnership for Development; The Role of the Grassroots People, is one of our onerous assignment of stamping corruption out of Nigeria’s body polity by involving members of the grassroots. He started by welcoming all the participants which included members of the Community Development Committees/Associations, faith based associations, community based associations, traders, artisans, etc.

Mr. Debo also said the purpose of the enlightenment program is to sensitize the people on how to relate with the government and to know how to channel their grievances and challenges they are facing to the government. He advised the people residing in the area to be more united so as to have one voice when placing a demand on the government. He also told them to always prioritize their needs and participate fully whenever they are called upon to put their needs forward before the government comes up with a budget for any financial year.

Mr. Debo Adeniran stated all the major basic human rights the people are entitled to and said it is the responsibility of the government to provide social amenities such as good roads, electricity, water, housing, security, etc. for the people because the people voted them into power. He also said the citizens have the right to protest against any bad and corrupt government.

Responding, some of the participants thanked CACOL for putting together the programme and suggested that the programme should be organized frequently and across all local government areas in order to enlighten more grassroots people and awaken their interests in governance. They also mentioned some infrastructures within the area that needed urgent government interventions. Some of them asked for the intervention of CACOL in calling the political class to order. They highlighted the various causes of bad governance in the society among which are vote buying during elections, godfatherism, among others.

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