May 26, 2024

CashToken Africa Provides Biggest Rewards For Loyal Customers, Growth For Business – Labode

CashToken Africa Provides Biggest Rewards For Loyal Customers, Growth For Business – Labode

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Cash Token Africa, Mr Lai Labode has revealed why CashToken Africa decided to make many Nigerians who patronize and partner with his organization millionaires every week.

Speaking on Channel Television’s Business Morning recently, Mr Labode said that the organisation decided to establish new smartness socialist business model few years ago, where they are able to, not only help to increase the velocity of the economic activities in the country, but to better the economy of the people in many countries starting from Nigeria.

He stated that the business is a cash reward system, whereby every patronage in the nation’s economy are rewarded in order to change the lives of the people.

Speaking further, he said that Cash Token Africa is one of the biggest businesses in Africa that is rewarding its loyal customers anytime they transact business or patronize any partnering firm.

He added that a reward known as; “Cash Token,” is given with an instant cash in the person’s wallet and put such person in a national consumer draw, which he said is unprecedented.

“Everytime you perform a transaction with a participating partner because you have helped a Nigerian business to grow, you are instantly rewarded with cash in your Cash Reward Wallet and you will get ticket into our weekly draw with a chance to win N5,000 and N10 million.

“Cash Token Africa is one of the few organizations in Africa that ensure that people become millionaires every other week because they have made purchases and they have impacted the Nigerian economy,” he said.

Mr Labode explained that Cash Token is as simple as anything one could think of, adding that one does not even need to create any wallet ‘per se’ and that all that is required is just to patronize any of the firm’s partners.

MD/CEO, Cash Token Africa, Mr Lai Labode

“Many of the partners also want to reward loyal customers. For instance, if MTN says, buy N1,500 recharge card from them, they would reward you with Cash Token. In this case, one has fulfilled MTN’s objective by purchasing one of their products. So, you will get sms from MTN telling you that you’ve been rewarded with instant CashToken in your Cash Token Wallet, which is a reward wallet and not regular bank wallet.

“The person would be called by the network informing him or her of winning certain amount of money every Friday night for his or her patronage.

“The organization brings all the monies from all their partners into one single pot and draw is held every Friday,” he said.

On how the business can be differentiated from some dubious businesses around, Mr Labode said that the mobile network providers educate their customers, inform them about the programmes and tell them about the reward aspect of it.

He said that, when the person wins, he or she would be contacted by the network provider.

According to him, “Cash Token Africa has also showcased the winners on national television stations, thousands of them have been featured across the country.

“There’s no part of the country, where people have not won cash. Nigerians know what they want to do with their cash and that’s unrestricted with CashToken reward, it could be used for any transaction.

“In the same vein, CashToken has signed a 10 year partnership agreement with the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

“The agreement made the organization to be the first Nigerian firm to have reward for the residents, visitors and the citizens when you patronise their businesses in Nigeria.

“It’s actually the first in Africa, where we help the velocity of the activities of tje economy.

“In this market, there’s real money for social impact on the success of business enterprise and social development. The money we make have direct impacts on the people.”

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