July 21, 2024

Celebration As Bosco Homes Marks Halleluyah Tuesday


Tuesday, April 19, 2022 was a memorable day at Bosco Home, when they had Alleluyah Tuesday, where newly recruited boys and those in the House had fun together, playing, had health talk, drama, and at the end of the day, medical check were conducted on the boys.

Many of the boys with musical talent also exhibited different skills by performing to the amusement of the guests at the event.

Speaking about the importance of Alleluyah Tuesday, Cordinating Priest, Fr Linus Nnkemjinaka, also known as ‘The priest on the street said “we have been on the streets with them for the past six weeks and to crown it, we decided to take them out to picnic and also to give them free medical check up.

“We are going to issue them identify cards so that we can identify them as part of us, though, they would be staying on the streets.

“The Home would reintegrate half of them back to their parents, while some of them would be fixed into labor market, some would be fixed back to skill works because some of them are looking for something to do.”

Drama Presentation

According to Fr Linus, basically, not all of the boys live or are from the streets, they could be working on the streets, but many of them do go home.

He said: “10 per cent of them have families, where they are attached to. Then, we are now coming up with a package for the guys in Berger Bus Stop to help them find dignity, whereby we make them find that sense of dignity involving them with some activities.

“As we proceed, be it, therapy, they had group sharing, group therapy, they had one on one with counselor, with our social workers to know how we could help them because before that is done, we have to hear from them first, how we could help each other for the betterment of the society.

“As a matter of fact, we have done the needs assessment of the boys, and we will continue to consult further with their families and we have contacted some of their families.

“Interestingly, some of the boys; two or three of them have been reintegrated back to their families. We have found some fresh boys on the streets.

“We try to make it fertile for them to go back to their homes. We will see how to reintegrate them back to their homes, which is the best thing that we have done so far, and we are very grateful for that.”

The Priest on the street said that they have been with the boys for the past six weeks, and that nothing has got missing.

“They sometimes quarrel, which is normal as human beings, but nothing has got missing.

“We realized they didn’t come because of food, people need to relate with them, create a good relationship with them, and we have been able to see beyond the ordinary.

Fr Linus Nnkemjinaka Also known as ‘Street Priest’

“Some of them have been stereotyped, some are seen as bad boys, we as a body see good aspects of their lives, which is one of the things Don Bosco tries to do with the boys.

“We believe in everychild, there are lots of good qualities in every child that we need to bring out. We just want to help them bring it out and make them realize how important they are and this is one of the things we are doing,” he said.

Father Linus added that an ID card called Boscodian (means, they are part of the family), adding that they could not issue the Bosco Boys ID cards because, according to him, tomorrow, many of the would grow up and become adults.

“Therefore, anytime they need medication, anytime they are in need of financial help or anything whatsoever they could beckon on us, while they have that card, Bosconian and, we could come to their aid and see the best way to help them.

Medical check

Once we are done with Ojodu boys, we move to Oshodi, we would like to accommodate all but fund has been the main issue because clothing them require fund, feeding them and even medical need fund.

Speaking with some of the beneficiaries, an 11-year old Primary 4 student, Lateef Babasegun, who said he has been in the home for the past three years, said that since he has been there things have changed for him.

He said that he used to be homesick, but that ever since he got to the home, they have been taking care of him, giving him medication and that he took his food, whenever necessary.

“I am very happy because they told us to be praying to God that God would answer our prayers, therefore, we have been praying to God and praying for the home as well.

“I pray to God to answer our prayer for the home and pray for my parents as well, but I need to go back to see my mum because I have missed her so much,” he said.

Another beneficiary of the home, Ope Sulaimon, an 18-year-old has this say, “in fact, I am so happy and I pray for the home for greater heights. I am also happy each time I see my mates out there, I tell them that they should follow me to where I go every Thursday.

Medical check

“But many people usually tell me they could not follow me because they didn’t know what they do there and they tell me that they manipulate destinies and I do tell them that there is nothing like that.

“I do tell them that this home takes good care of us, and that there are so many young ones there. Today(Tuesday) now, we have had medical check, they gave me food. So, I am very happy and grateful for the Home and I pray God will continue to provide for them to take care of us,” he said.

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