June 25, 2024

Don’t Bring Politics Into Kingdom Matter – Bishop Ighalo Tells Lagos CAN Chairman

Don’t Bring Politics Into Kingdom Matter – Bishop Ighalo Tells Lagos CAN Chairman

The Senior Pastor of A Torch From Heaven Ministry, Bishop Joe Ighalo has warned the Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bishop Steven Adegbite to stay clear of the internal affairs of the state’s chapter of Pentecostal Christian Fellowship (PFN).

Bishop Ighalo stated this during a press briefing on Tuesday titled: “State of Our State; Our Stand” in Lagos.

Ighalo said that the Bishop Adegbite-led Lagos chapter of CAN should not bring politics into kingdom matter, especially when it has to do with the Lagos State chapter of PFN.

According to the cleric, there is no doubt that CAN is the umbrella body of the PFN, but that the body should be allowed to handle its internal affairs.

“Why would you want to destroy PFN and keep CAN going, this is against the mission of the founding fathers of the PFN,” he said.

It will be recalled that the issue between CAN and PFN began when the national body of the PFN failed to ratify the election of Pastor Kehinde, the acclaimed winner of the February 5, 2024 PFN Chairmanship election.

Convener, Apostolic Round Table, Dr Bolaji Akinyemi

The PFN national body did not ratify the election as it said that there were anomalies in the process.

Subsequently, the Lagos CAN Chairman, Bishop Adegbite, reportedly led a protest against the development, which prompted Bishop Ighalo to say that CAN does not have any constitutional right or power over PFN, and warned that they should not interfere with the affairs of the PFN.

Also speaking, the Senior Pastor of Agape Worship Center, Ojodu, Lagos, Dr. David Odi said that as far as he was concerned, Lagos State is one of the most organised states in Nigeria in terms of economy, leadership and ministry, adding that this must be respected.

Dr Odi noted that those who are behind the issue are trying to create a crisis that doesn’t exist so that whoever is voted into office would owe them allegiance.

“There’s no fight or crisis in Lagos PFN. I don’t even know any other person who is interested in the position,” Dr Odi said.

Bishop Joe Ighalo

The cleric said that he believed that the current chairman of the Lagos State chapter of PFN has served his term and is on his way out, and that Pastor Kehinde is not dragging the position with anybody.

“I don’t know any other person that is being fielded for the position.

“I can bet it with you, if there’s any election tomorrow, next week or next month, Pastor Kehinde will still win because nobody is dragging it with him.

“Those who occupied the seat have finished their terms and they are on their way out and I would be surprised if they have not already congratulated Pastor Kehinde.

“People behind the crisis are those who have peculiar interest in filthy lucre that the Bible talked about. Some people are driven by hunger for money. They are doing this because of the 2027 general elections in the nation,” he said.

According Dr Odi, some people want to make Pastor Kehinde believe that they fought for him to get into the office.

He however, said that nobody is fighting to bring anybody in, and that if there’s election anytime he would still vote for Pastor Kehinde.

The Convener of Apostolic Round Table, Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi, in his contributions, said that nobody is interested in throwing fire into his house to burn it down because the person would want to live in the house continually.

Bishop David Odi

He then said that “PFN is our room” and “CAN is our building,” and stressed that the matter would soon be resolved amicably.

PFN Stakeholders Committee was later formed to liase with those that are involved in the matter.

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