May 26, 2024

Don’t politicise fuel scarcity, Northern youths warn opposition

Don’t politicise fuel scarcity, Northern youths warn opposition

The Arewa Youths Assembly has warned opposition politicians and political parties not to play politics with the current fuel scarcity being witnessed in parts of the country.

The assembly’s Speaker, Mohammed Danlami, made its position known in a statement made available to journalists on Sunday.

Danlami said he was aware of ongoing efforts by relevant agencies to restore normalcy.

He said information available to the assembly shows that there is at present, daily monitoring of trucks out from depots to all 36 states with focus on demand and existing stock available in the retail stations in these states.

He said, “This background has become imperative in view of overt and covert attempts by the integrity deficient opposition and hire-for-campaign civil society groups to skew the narrative and wipe up anti-government sentiments amongst Nigerians who are justifiably unhappy with the fuel situation.

“While we stand by our fellow citizens in this trying moment, it is important that no group(s), individual(s) take advantage of the situation for political gain and personal aggrandisement.

“At a time such as this, citizens come together when there are genuine efforts to remedy the situation as has been shown by the Federal Government to assist in ameliorating the condition and urge the government to be more measured and quick.”

“Sadly, the reverse seems to be the case in Nigeria when the main opposition political party wishes to harvest from the common suffering of Nigerians through baseless conspiracy theories and underhand tactics that the present situation is to force Nigerians to accept a new price hike.

“Having critically reviewed the situation and received commitment from the Federal Government, we are persuaded to state that a new price hike for a litre of fuel is out of the table for now.”

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