March 2, 2024

Eloy Foundation Celebrates 15th Anniversary, Honours Deserving Personalities With Awards

Eloy Foundation Celebrates 15th  Anniversary, Honours Deserving Personalities With Awards

Founder, Eloy Foundation, Dr Tewa Onasanya

By Kazeem BakenneĀ 

The 15th edition of Eloy Conference, which was held on Friday November 24, 2023, with the theme; “Sustaining Women Empowerment Through Technology And Innovation,” featured a panel session and awards for deserving women entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the ceremony, founder of Eloy Awards, Dr. Tewa Onasanya, said that the event has become necessary because women needed to be showcased so that other women could be inspired by what they do and emulate them.

Speaking further about what made the awards unique, Onasanya said that, “we are celebrating women as being resilient, we are celebrating the fact that women are doing excellently well in various endeavors, we want to showcased them to the world so that they could inspire other women in the world.”

Dr Onasanya expressed joy over the awards that started 15 years ago, saying that they held the first award, where they held the 15th edition, adding that Eloy has been consistently celebrating women for the past 15 years and that the foundation’s awards has become biggest and the most consistent awards in the country.

“The strength has been because I love celebrating people and my team loves celebrating people. There is strength in celebrating others because everyone wants to be celebrated.

“When Eloy started, it started as an awards company. We also hold conferences, seminars, we inspire and help people build their businesses.

“In 2018, when we turned 10, we decided to push the button a little bit and sustain women empowerment by providing them with access to mentoring, tools to build their businesses in order to thrive in their businesses.

“So, the conference is meant to fulfill our vision and mission to sustain women empowerment by providing access to entrepreneurship training, provide them affordable loans, and make women pursue their dreams.

“I am so blessed for doing what I love to do at all times,” Onasanya said.

Dr. Tewa Onasanya

Onasanya said that when they wanted to know the category they were nominating people for, they threw it to the public to help out.

She stated that the awards were expected to surprise people, inspire and motivate them because it is an award built on integrity.

The chief host encouraged Nigerian women to come out and show the greatness in them.

She stressed the need for women to be celebrated, applauded and showcased for what they do.

According to Dr. Onasanya, women can be inspired by what they’re doing and they should be emulated.

“This is a year of resilience. So we’re celebrating women’s resilience. We are celebrating the fact that women are doing exceptionally well in different fields and we want to showcase them to the world so that they can inspire others.

“Funny enough, this is the venue we used for our first awards ceremony. We have been consistently celebrating women for the past 15 years and it has become the biggest awards ceremony for women in Nigeria, and the most consistent.

“We are not only into awards, we also organise conferences and seminars.

“We sustain women by providing them with access to entrepreneurship, and we mentor their businesses. So the conferences are to provide access to entrepreneurship loans so that they can be more comfortable.

“The secret is just being blessed to be able to do what I love to do. The challenges come in all shapes and sizes from getting sponsors to getting the nominees, which is why every year when we decide what category we want to nominate people, we throw it to the public and they actually help us in this area,” she said.

The public voted for the winners and some of the participants at the Conference went home with being empowered with landed property while other went home with N1 million entrepreship grant.

Among the distinguished personalities honoured with awards were Mrs Tokunbo Chiedu, Olamide Akala, Morenike Molehin and others.

SSG to Lagos govt, Bimbo Salu-Hudeyin

Lagos State Governor was represented at the ceremony by the Secretary to the State government, Bimbo Salu-Hudeyin.

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