May 26, 2024

Glo To Dazzle Subscribers With Amazing Prizes in Lucky Number Game

Glo To Dazzle Subscribers With Amazing Prizes in Lucky Number Game

Globacom, Nigeria’s telecoms solutions provider, has launched a daily draw game called Lucky Number which gives active Glo network subscribers the chance to win incredible cash and airtime prizes.

According to a statement by the company in Lagos, the Lucky Number draw game automatically enters subscriber numbers to match a randomly chosen mobile number from Globacom’s active subscriber base in consecutive order. It added that the value of the prizes depends on the number of digits from the disclosed Glo number and that the winning number must match in the proper order, from right to left.

The company disclosed that Lucky Number is an entertainment platform packaged to add excitement to the day-to-day activities of subscribers on the Glo network.

“Subscribers will be charged N50 for daily, N200 for weekly and 500 for monthly subscriptions and they will receive an SMS confirming subscription to the service and entry to the draw after a successful billing for the price point selected”, Globacom explained.

Globacom states that winners for a given day are subscribers whose mobile numbers consecutively match (from right to left) a randomly chosen Glo number (Winning Number) from a pool of millions of active subscribers.

Globacom said that winners would receive cash or airtime as prizes. It was also mentioned that different pricing points and the sum of the matching numbers from the winning Glo number determine the awards.

Globacom said, “The 50 price point attracts between N700 (Airtime) and N100,000,000 daily prize, while with N200 price point subscribers can win from N200 (Airtime) to N50,000,000 weekly. Also, prizes ranging between N300 (Airtime) and 10,000,000 will be won monthly under the N500 price point”.

Glo stated that All active customers, according to Globacom, can subscribe to Lucky Number by dialing the USSD *4445# and following the instructions or by texting WIN or WINOT (for daily subscription), LW or LWOT (for Weekly subscription) and LM or LMOT (for Monthly subscription) to the short code 4445.

It advised those already subscribed to the plan to view draw results by dialling *4445# and choosing option 5 or to visit

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