May 28, 2024

GTCO Food And Drink Commences

GTCO Food And Drink Commences

…Uche Uzoka Takes Charge of First Master Class With Baking Delicacies For Kids

By Kazeem BakenneĀ 


The much anticipated GTCO Food and Drinks 2024 started on Friday April 26 and the three day event is expected to be brought to a close on Sunday April 28, 2024 in Lagos.

The Nigeria-born international Chef and Founder, Creative Director of Gourmet Twist, Uche Annie Uzoka was in the kitchen and as expected, she treated many guests, especially kids, to an unforgettable baking treat.

Chef Uche, who travelled down from the United States of America, treated the children to three delicacies including: Blueberry Cookies, Banana Murphy’s and Popsicles.

Uche explained in details to the understanding of everyone present at the first Master Class the best way and ingredients needed to achieve a world of baking delicacies.

It wasn’t just a class, where the teacher or facilitator takes a whole class to herself, but it was an interactive session, where kids were given opportunity to be part of the processes, from the beginning to the end, and alos gave room for questions and answers as the class progressed.

The Blueberry Cookies
The ingredients are one cup of blueberry, white and brown sugar, white chocolate chip, flour, eggs, baking powder, salt butter and mixer. To ensure everything mixes up well.

After the mixture had taken place, this was put in cups and expected to be heated at 175C approximately for 18 minutes. Though how long it stays on the heat depends largely on the heated temperature, according to the chef Uche, cookies don’t take much time, she was assisted by two kids. Princess Olanimofe and Timilehin at this session.

Banana Murphy’s

Ingredients: white, brown sugar, buttermilk, which could be powdered milk, add vinegar and some lemon, flour, baking powder, baking soda, eggs, banana, salt. When baking, it’s advised dry ingredients are grounded separately, and wet ingredients separately.

Mix vegetable oil, butter and put the brown and white sugar, you could as well mix with mixer or without mixer.

Break the eggs, pour it, put butter milk, vanilla, add all dry ingredients together and always ensure you use Seed flour, if you are not using mixer, it’s always good you sheave your flour with micro sheave.

So, “we are mixing our baking powder, soda and flour together,” she said.
Baking powder makes it rise, while baking soda makes blend together, just as we have in Chemistry, mixing of chemicals, cup cake liner allows it come out easily.

Put in oven at 165C for about 15 minutes only.

The last delicacy was popsicle.
Ingredients include: Mangoes, blueberry, strawberry, kiwi which later set in the refrigerator.

At the end of the day, popsicles were shared with kids on stage and in the audience.

The session was hosted by Mojibade Sosanya.

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