May 25, 2024

Hon. Kasunmu Attends Ikeja ICAN Exco Inauguration

Hon. Kasunmu Attends Ikeja ICAN Exco Inauguration

…Calls For Accountability in Public Offices

The need for more collaboration between professional bodies in the country and the legislative arm of government for the ultimate benefits of the people, was the focus of the Deputy Majority Leader of Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu’s speech at the inauguration of the new executives of Ikeja and District Society of ICAN (IDSICAN) held yesterday 24th June 2023 in Ikeja, Lagos.

While commending the leadership and members of the Ikeja society of ICAN for their roles and contributions to the economy of Ikeja and Lagos State, Hon. Kasunmu tasked the accounting practitioners to explore ways of collaborating more with the legislative arm of Government in order to bring more accountability and transparency to governance and public offices.

The event witnessed the investiture of Comrade Bala Zakka FCA as the new President of IDSICAN and the inauguration of new executives of the association for the year 2023/2024.

Concluding his remarks at the occasion, Hon. Kasunmu congratulated the new President and his EXCOs and wished them a successful tenure.

Below is the full text of Hon. Kasunmu’s remarks delivered extempore at the occasion.


“It is my pleasure to be here in your midst this afternoon to witness the historic *INVESTITURE OF COMRADE BALA ZAKKA FCA, AS THE 36TH CHAIRMAN OF IKEJA & DISTRICTS SOCIETY OF ICAN AND THE INAUGURATION OF YOUR 2023/2024 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE*

Interestingly, your own inauguration is coming exactly 18 days after my inauguration as a member of the 10th Assembly of Lagos State House of Assembly and election as the *Deputy Majority Leader of the House*.

And, talking about inauguration, let me seize this opportunity to commend the planning committee of this event, on their professionalism and accuracy.

The letter of invitation to this event came just two (2) days after my election as the DML, and to my surprise, the writer addressed the letter and Invite correctly according to my new office as the Deputy Majority Leader.

This may sound so little and seemingly inconsequential, but it says a lot about your organization and the people in charge of your affairs.

It shows you pay attention to little details; it shows you are thorough in your undertakings and it shows you are not just focusing on balance sheet, debit and credit alone, it shows you are following events as they happen around the State and country.
A round of applause for Ikeja District ICAN!

As a matter of fact, it was based on this that I told my aides to ensure I attend this event.

Another reason I am is the fact that this event is taking place both in my political and parliamentary Constituencies; Ikeja and Assembly Complex.

Once again, congratulate you and I am glad to be in your midst.

Shortly before the last general elections, His Excellency Senator Kashim Shettima, who is now our Vice President, attended an event of this nature and wore something he felt comfortable in.
Before the event was over, the entire internet was set on “fire” with pictures depicting the Vice President in XXL suit and extra long ties.

So, when I was coming this morning, I told my darling wife, to please check my wardrobe thoroughly and give me something to let me look like an ICAN member this morning.
I hope I am looking like you?

I am not really here to give a speech.
I am here to just appreciate and also encourage you.
I will therefore crave your indulgence to permit me to quickly round up this remark by drawing a correlation between the *Lagos State House of Assembly* and the *Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)*

The Lagos State House of Assembly as an institution under the able Leadership of *Rt. Hon. Dr Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa,* stands for transparency and accountability, this is why the Executive arm of the Government cannot spend the people’s money without the approval of the House, and this is the reason the Governor presents his budget to the House before the commencement of any fiscal year.

Apart from these, the House of Assembly doesn’t just stop at budget approvals alone, we also monitor the implementation of the contents of the Budget and make sure monies are spent according to their allocation and in ways that benefit the populace.

This is called oversight functions and I believe this is similar to what the accountants do in most organisations too.

In other words, just as the ICAN stands for transparency, accountability and integrity, the Lagos State House of Assembly does not just stand for these values, we also practise them to the letters.

I have created this nexus, to let us know that there are several areas of similarities between the legislature and professional bodies like ICAN.

As your new executives settle down for business therefore, let us look at areas of collaboration between your organization and the legislative arm of Government.
I strongly believe that the people will benefit immensely if this collaboration is achieved, especially as the new government at the centre, under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (who is also an accountant) settles down to move Nigeria forward.

This call is also applicable to other professional bodies in the country, especially in Lagos. The time has come for full cooperation and collaboration to achieve the much desired transparency, accountability and integrity in our public and private offices.

Once again, I congratulate Comrade Bala Zakka and his new executives on your well- deserved Investiture and inauguration today. I wish you a successful and fruitful tenure.

I thank you so much for this opportunity. Enjoy the rest of the program.

I remain Yours in Service
*Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu (ARK)*

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