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How Pastor Adeboye, Wife, Folu Sneaked Into RCCG In Search of Solutions For Their Problem

How Pastor Adeboye, Wife, Folu Sneaked Into RCCG In Search of Solutions For Their Problem

In the early months of 1973, as Enoch wallowed in his confused state heard the rumours that God could do all things and that all he needed was to meet and know God written by BY IREWOLE JOE.

Well, for him, it did not sound humiliating or degrading, he could make do with that. Not long after, he was invited by his uncle, Rev Chris Fajemirokun who was aware of his confused state as well as the challenges of his health and daughters.

He was assured of the awesomeness of God and that he would be visiting God in a living Church where miraculous things happened. Was he ready for another adventure? No! However, he had no choice when he remembered that if he stopped trying, he would be swallowed up in torment.

Soon, he agreed with his wife, Folu that this time they would go and check out the nearby Church. This was a Church founded by Rev Josiah Akindayomi named the Redeemed Christian Church of God situated at 9 Willoughby Street, Ebute- Meta, Lagos, Nigeria.

Preceding the coming of Enoch and Folu, God had intimated Rev. Josiah Akindayomi that a well learned man would come to the church and would eventually be his long awaited successor. On that fateful day, Enoch and Folu, who were a frustrated couple simply looking for solution to their problems sneaked into the church and hid behind the pews observing the activities of the day.

For Enoch, considering his academic prowess and sense of reasoning as an Applied Mathematics Doctorate student, he felt foolish to be sitting under a group of “stack illiterates” claiming to be searching for solution to his challenges.

But for some unexplainable reason he did not walk out of the dilapidated structure called a Church even in the heat of the Holy Ghost jamborees being demonstrated all around them. He also noticed that the building did not look like his idea of a Church compared to Anglican giants Cathedral he was used to.

The only striking feature that contrasted the shabby looking structure of the Church was the sign post which read the name, constructed and spelt intelligently, The Redeemed Christian Church of God. As the service progressed, he felt uncomfortable with the noisy worship compared to the seemingly holy, serene and quiet worship in the orthodox Churches he had sometimes worshipped. Yet he endured in anticipation of a miracle.

Not long after, Rev Josiah Akindayomi, handsome, tall and dark skinned began to preach a powerful message to the congregation as he expounded the Word of God and Biblical truths.

Enoch was fascinated as the preacher boasted about the miracle working power of God being able to solve any problem. Rev. Josiah ministered with vibrancy and passion, totally convinced of the God he talked about.

After the message, an altar call was made but Enoch and Folu were resolute not to go out to give their lives to Christ, since they did not even know what it meant or entailed in details. Before the close of the service, Rev Josiah who was full of the Holy Spirit and discernment alerted that he was excited because God had brought into the Church, his successor who would continue the work when he is gone to be with the Lord.

Time after Time, Enoch and Folu kept attending Church meetings. On that glorious day, the 29th of July 1973, Enoch being 31 years old finally accepted Jesus into his heart as his personal Lord and Savior as Rev Josiah was preaching the Word of God, the presence that surrounded Enoch felt electrified.

He sensed urgency in his spirit to make a change in his ways, he knew something had been missing in his life all along and this was his moment to receive the Joy. He could hardly stay in his seat as the Word of God pierced through his hungry and weary heart. Soon an altar call was made and right before the eyes of everyone, Enoch was there at the altar, kneeling and sobbing, asking Jesus to come into his life to be his Lord And saviour.

That was the defining moment in his life. From that moment everything took a dynamic shift towards God and he was baptised by immersion. Quoting him, “Years ago, when a problem pushed me to The Redeemed Christian Church of God, I came expecting because I was told that the Prayer there was sure fire. I came and I met a church building that look wretched.

I was a lecturer in the university and was used to going to the cathedral. I only entered the church because the problem that was bigger than me was pushing me. Instead of dealing with my problem, they started asking me to confess my sins and to forsake them I thought, ‘These ignorant people. They do not know philosophy. They do not know sociology. They do not know psychology’. I said within me that it was not there fault but what brought me otherwise what would I be doing in the company of ignorant people like these?…..

One day, it just occurred to me that something must be wrong with me. I thought within me that if they had asked for money, I would have given them. All they asked me to do was to surrender to my Maker. I was suffering, yet I was pompous. All they asked me to do was to confess and repent of my sins. That day I surrendered. The Almighty God washed me in his blood and I became a brand new creature this was the turning point in my own life.”

Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Wife, Folu

Enoch had just received a fresh fire and he could not be stopped. He felt different and elated. The fears, doubts and insecurity that had accompanied him over the years had evaporated into thin air. He felt he was now on his feet. One of the unexplainable differences he felt was a gentle peace and joy in the heart.

As he had turned a new leaf, he bid goodbye to the company of wine bibbers and the line of ladies that used to surround him. He began to discover the true inner beauty that God had embedded in his wife. Oh! Love began to grow and glow in their home. As things began to change inside Enoch, the regular sicknesses he encountered began to fade away.

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