June 25, 2024

Husband, Wife Outsted From Succession Over Involvement In Bisexuality

Husband, Wife Outsted From Succession Over Involvement In Bisexuality

In a shocking twist of fate, a prominent husband, Awoyemi Adewale Babatunde and wife, Awoyemi Boluwatife Esther have been disowned by their family, casting them out of the line of succession in Ilisan Remo, Ogun State

The couple, once considered heirs to the throne, now find themselves stripped of their royal titles and privileges due to their disgraceful and taboo insighted act of gay/lesbiansim sleeping with different people at the same time, facing a future vastly different from what was once foreseen.

This act performed by the couple happened on Monday April 4, 2023 has put the whole town in turmoil and also taken the town steps back as this is a great taboo.

The royal decree, which publicly disclosed the disinheritance of the husband and wife, has sent ripples through the kingdom, stirring whispers of intrigue and speculation about the reasons behind this drastic decision.

Their fall from grace marks a significant departure from the path of royalty they were destined to walk, leaving many to ponder the complexities and dynamics at play within the town.

As the couple navigates this new chapter in their lives, separated from their family and royal claim they once stood to inherit,

The kingdom watches with bated breath as the former heirs forge their own path, far from their royal claim and family they once aspired to claim.

The echoes of their disinheritance serve as a poignant reminder of the fragility of power and the intricate web of relationships that shape the destiny of those who decide to go down this part.

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