May 26, 2024

Iran VS Israel: How World Leaders Ignored Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies

Iran VS Israel: How World Leaders Ignored Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies

In its first-ever direct attack on Israel, Iran launched hundreds of suicide attack drones as well as cruise and ballistic missiles toward the country on Saturday in response to an Israeli strike on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Damascus on April 1.

With Israel’s war with Hamas showing no signs of abetting, the strikes marked another major moment of turbulence in the Middle East that threatens to tip the region into a wider conflict. Iran’s decision to retaliate against Israel from its own soil raised eyebrows among experts, even as the attacks appeared to be carefully calibrated to avoid a full-scale war.

At the moment, world leaders are running helter-skelter to manage the situation with no hope in sight but when they had the opportunity to have preemption, they threw it away.

Renowned Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele in his 2024 prophecies had revealed that the war between Israel and Palestine will escalate and become a regional war if care isn’t taken. He made this revelation to call on world leaders to intervene and prevent another fresh war from starting but they all ignored. Now, several innocent citizens will be made to shed their blood because of the obstinacy of these world leaders.

These were Primate Ayodele’s words

‘’The spirit of God says the Gaza war between the Israeli Defense Force and Palestine should not be taken with levity. Otherwise, the war will escalate to a level of regional war in the Middle East. I foresee the war will generate a lot of issues. I foresee the war might not be going the way it is planned by the two sides but more issues will be generated if not now but later. In Gaza, I have not seen any serious ceasefire between Israel and HAMAS in the Gaza war earlier than 2024.’’

Again in a video, Primate Ayodele categorically mentioned that Iran will attempt to cause trouble in the world and that the country will target the USA in the long run. He called on world leaders again to look for ways to prevent any form of escalation that will lead to more deaths and massive destruction.

These were his words

‘’There is a global war and crisis coming and this crisis will involve Iran. Iran will fight the US, fire missiles into US military facilities and the embassy. Let them be watchful about this and take it very seriously. It can cause big trouble. I am seeing a crisis coming to Lebanese-Israel. I see a global crisis that will lead to premature war, it might not go far but some places will be impacted.’’


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The direct attack on Israel by Iran has no doubt started a global crisis which several countries have taken sides already. The United States, United Kingdom have thrown their weight behind Israel immediately after the attack was launched by Iran. Presently, there are rumours of an impending third world war should countries decide to join forces with their allies and this confirms the warning of Primate Ayodele that there will be a global crisis that will lead to a premature war. By the way, he mentioned that there will also be crises between Lebanese and Israel; it’s happening already.

A similar situation also happened when Primate Ayodele warned in his 2022 prophecies that there would be an escalation in the Russia and Ukraine crisis. He warned of an impending invasion in December 2021 when he released the prophecy even when Russia’s president denied having such plans.

‘’ RUSSIA AND UKRAINE: The spirit of God said to me that the two nations must be careful as regards the crisis between them otherwise it will escalate and cause great problems. I foresee that world leaders will intervene for the crisis to be resolved’’.

Unfortunately, instead of paying attention to these warnings and immediately looking for ways to salvage the situation, world leaders believed Russia’s President Putin’s words and in the end, Ukraine was suddenly invaded.

Apart from the presidents, Primate Ayodele has warned international bodies like United Nations and European Union to work against any form of war but did they listen? They didn’t and now, the world will have to pay heavily for their disobedience.

It is appalling that leaders in the world rely on their own understanding when indeed; they keep on failing at every action they take. War is a result of human actions but instead of listening to the right counsel that will prevent war from happening, they make decisions that will throw the people they preside upon into chaos.

The former president of Liberia, George Weah is another leader whose failure to listen to divine counsel led to an early exit from the exalted president’s position. Primate Ayodele advised him eight times on some of the things he needed to do to ensure victory at the election polls, the man of God went as far as sending personal messages to him but rather than listening, He chose to ignore and this ushered him out of the place of honour.

Also, Ali Bongo, the ousted leader of Gabon was serially warned by Primate Ayodele to voluntarily resign to avoid forceful removal. The man of God categorically said that Ali Bongo’s time was up on the presidential seat and that he should allow someone else take over from him but while attempting to extend his rule through a fraudulent election, the military truncated his government.

These were Primate Ayodele’s warnings:

‘’Gabonese president, your time is up, I am seeing a crisis, if not coup d’etat, because of your health why not resign, why do you want to die on this seat? I am telling you what the Lord has said, your staying on the throne is killing you but because you are self-centered. This is enough warning for you, you are incapacitated but no one is telling you the truth. I am telling you to humble yourself, resign and handover to someone who can do better so that you won’t cause a crisis in your country’’

Primate Ayodele has proven over time that he has a global calling and this is why his prophecies concerning nations around the world keep on coming to pass. Many presidents that have ignored his warnings are experiencing the consequences of disobedience; several individuals that listened to his warnings are enjoying the benefits. It is time for world leaders to give up their pride and follow divine counsel and revelation from the phenomenal prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele.

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