March 2, 2024

Lekki, Lagos-Based Cove Towers Introduced To Investors, Estate Agents, Others

Lekki, Lagos-Based Cove Towers Introduced To Investors, Estate Agents, Others

..Our Name, Blue Square Speaks For Us-PRO, Ajayi

A magnificent building that would serve the needs of investors, business owners, and real estate agents named; Cove Towers, located in Ikate area of Lekki, Lagos State was introduced to members of the public on Saturday May 13, 2023.

Speaking with the media, Head, Marketing and Public Relations at Blue Square Limited, owners of Cove Towers, Mrs. Toyosi Ajayi, stated that what the firm is currently putting up at the towers are magnificent and quality work that needed to be shown to the world.

The seven floor edifice is a sight to behold with a studio apartment, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments located in classy and serene environment of Ikate.

Speaking further, Ajayi noted that when it comes to real estate, “the best time to buy real estate was yesterday, the next time to buy is now.”

“As I speak with you, over 70 units of the property is sold already. From the 5th floor down is sold and so, I am quite sure that even before the completion of the project everything would have been sold.

“This is just to show the whole world the kind of job that is currently going on here for them to take advantage of. Whether for office usages or for residential purposes, Cove Towers in Lekki is the property to go for in this area,” she said.

The towers boasts of fully fitted chip, swimming pool, facility management intact, 24/7 power supply, with a club lounge, which could contain about 100 people at a time with interior and exterior amenities ideal for people in the diaspora and those living in Nigeria.

Toyosi Ajayi (first from left)

According to Ajayi, “if you invest now, in term of short let, the property constantly appreciates. An investor could say, he wishes to buy property in Cove Towers for short-let purpose which is also called ‘vacation rental’. Then, the vacation rental has its peak and off peak time.

“Therefore, we have short-let partners that we are also working with who have also keyed into investors projections. If you want to use one, two or three-bedroom for short-let or if you are buying a studio apartment for example, say N50 million and you wish to run it for short-let, we could give you accurate number or projections of how much to expect based on market contingency, availability of influx of the particular location.

“We do these calculations for our investors and they see it clearly that this is a very good venture they could invest on. So, whether you are moving here physically or you are using it for vacation purposes, we encourage investors to actually key in and one of the greatest advantages of Cove Towers is the ability to spread your payment for 12 months depending on your term of agreement.

“Therefore, an investor could start with 40 percent deposit and spread the remaining within the specified months.”

She stated that the project is expected to be completed by December 2023 or at most first quarter of 2024.

The PRO added that the whole building is set up, people have seen it, and that it just remained two or three phases to completion, adding that this was why the building was opened on Saturday for people to see the amazing things currently going on there.

“Let it not be that they didn’t tell me, buying a property when it is yet to be completed is always advisable because you don’t pay as much as when it’s finally completed.

“Some people might say, what’s the assurance that you would deliver? We have delivered so many projects in the past.

“One good thing about Cove Towers is that we are the developers, but we didn’t construct the building ourselves, we contracted the whole building to one of the best contractors in Africa, MC & T.

“They have delivered so many infrastructure in Africa and they have been in the business for more than 50 years. Their works speak for them, they have built solid structures.

“We engaged a lot of contactors to ensure that the project is standard. I’m sure you are also convinced that the project is solid and that it would stand test of time.

“So, if you have an idle money, real estate is the way to go and Cove Towers is where you should invest on,” she said.

Speaking about what it really meant to have a studio apartment in the building, the image maker of the firm said that it’s just like a typical a room self contain that has a room, kitchen, a separate room and parlour, and that every area leads to another, and that they all come in different sizes.

Ajayi explained that whoever wishes to be on the 6th and 7th floor will enjoy excellent views from the balcony.

She stated that the organisation is currently working with excellent partners in terms of electricity, while revealing that there is a standby generator Incase of power failure and that they also provided solar system with maintenance management in place.

“People compare our prices with those of others and found out that our prices are a little bit higher, but we don’t joke with superior quality and excellent structures, and when we start a project, we deliver before embarking on another one, which is where some real estate developers get it wrong.

“They put their hands into so many projects they could not deliver. If you check our testimonials, our clients always come back to us. So, the excellent in the works we do speak for us. The quality of standard of work we deliver over the years speak for us, which is why we are able to sell our selves very easily,” she said.

Speaking about structure collapse in Lagos, Ajayi stated that in their case, the firm is compliant, when it comes LABSCA and construction regulations issues.

She stressed that they have very senior consultants, senior projects managers, architect partners, who constantly consult them, and made the organisation understood that they could not cut corners.

According to her, “that was why we contacted MC and T. We did not say because we are developers we would build the structures ourselves. We know we need those that are experts on the job. We don’t go against the law, we ensure specifications. I advise real estate developers to follow suit.

The PRO revealed that Blue Square has internal an architect, but that at the same time they consult an external architect to supervise what the internal architect is doing so that they would know who ia giving them false information.

She said that these are the mechanisms they have put in place to ensure that they don’t find themselves in a mess that collapsed structure brings.

“Our management team is made of executives who have worked and are very trusted in the industry.

“Our name, Blue Square, is very precious to us, that’s why we don’t cut corners, our quality of works speak for us. We have a reputation that we guide jealously. We are really in this sector to satisfy our clients first before profit, even when it doesn’t come at all,” she said.

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