May 28, 2024

Lions Club Donates Sick Bay, Refuse Bin To Orisigun Nursery & Primary School

Lions Club Donates Sick Bay, Refuse Bin To Orisigun Nursery & Primary School

The Lions Club International, District 404B2, Region 5 on Tuesday April 16, donated a sick bay, and three refuse bins to Orisigun Nursery and Primary School, Ketu area of Lagos.

The club is associated with alleviating the suffering of the people, which was why it came to the aid of the school.

The event was attended by dignitaries from different Lions Clubs including the District Governor of 404B2, Professor Dayo Fagbohun and his wife, Funmi and other top Lions Clubs personalities.

Speaking exclusively to National Moment Media on the reason behind the gesture, the Chairperson of Lions Club International, District 404B2, Region 5A, Mrs Cynthia Saka appreciated the District Governor for the opportunity granted her to serve, adding that giving back to the society was the main reason behind the gesture.

Saka revealed that her passion for children, most especially school pupils, motivated her to focus on where children could benefit from the club.

From left: President, Ikeja Aviation Lions Club, Dr Elizabeth Asuquo; Chairperson, Region 5A , Mrs Cynthia Saka; District Governor, 404B, Prof. Dayo Fagbohun; and his wife, Funmi Fagbohun

The Chairperson said; “health is wealth and as someone working in the health sector, I know the importance of sick bays in primary and secondary schools and even in the community. This motivated us to provide this sick bay for the school in this area for pupils to be the beneficiaries.”

She stated that “the facility is meant for the treatment of malaria, and to take care of the pupils before they are transfered to the hospital or medical centre. We believe that wherever there’s need, there is a Lion to provide such need.

Rep. Of Orisigun Nur. & Pri. School, Mrs Remi Oregbesan

“We have however setup a committee to inspect the facilities monthly or bi-monthly, We will not leave them just like that. We will keep monitoring and checking the facilities.”

Professor Fagbohun said in his contributions that Lions Clubs are synonymous with things like this and said that this is what they know how to do best ‘giving back to the society.’

“The Lions Club has three Ts (Time, Talent, and Treasure). Remember, Lions are not poor people and at the same time they are not billionaires. But little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.

A group picture

“Mind you, the government alone cannot do it. Therefore, we need organisations like the Lions Club, and well spirited people in the society who could give supports. We just have to keep on doing the little we can,” he said.

Fagbohun added that “once such project is in place, it’s advisable that the executives of the club would engage in continuos visitation to the project site because in the next two to three years, such project could need expansion.

Chairperson, Region 5, Mrs Cynthia Saka

“Definitely, you don’t abandon this kind of project because a lot of resources were put in place before it came into fruition.”

Also speaking, the Chairperson of Region 5A of the Lions Club, Mrs Sandra McCollin, said that the provision of the sick bay to the school is a good initiative of the Region 5 and the Zone.

McCollin expressed optimism that the first aid equipment and drugs would benefit the pupils.

The Region 5 Chairperson stressed that the region embarked on the project because parents usually push their children to schools principal and teachers to handle.

She noted that sometimes students could suddenly fall ill in the school, saying that this was why they provided a sick bay where the children could be treated before their parents come around.

“First aid treatment can then be administered on the students. I believe it is a good initiative.

“If every club or individual can bring such projects to the schools around them, the society would be better for it because the government alone cannot do everything, we should be of assistance to them,” she said.

Speaking about measures put in place to provide drugs for the bay, Macaulay assured that qualified doctors and nurses in the club are always consulted before they supply any drug to the schools, while they also consult them for advice on what to do.

Also speaking, the representative of the Headmistress of the school, Mrs Remi Oregbesan, thanked the Lions Club for the gesture.

Oregbesan expressed the delight of the school on the facility, adding that she couldn’t wait for the pupils to resume to see the facility.

She also appreciated the Lions Club International for finding Orisigun Nursery and Primary School worthy of the facility among all the public schools in the area.

“We thank you for this and I cannot wait for the students to resume to see and feel the facility,” she said.

The Lion Clubs under Zone 5A include Eko Prestigious, Ikeja LASUTH, and Lagos Ideal, while those under Zone 5B are Lagos Apex, Lagos Oregun and Ikeja Aviation.

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