May 28, 2024

May Day: Algon National President, Hon. Aminu Mu’azu Felicitates Nigerian Workers

May Day: Algon National President, Hon. Aminu Mu’azu Felicitates Nigerian Workers

The national President of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria ALGON Hon Aminu Mu’azu Maifata has sent in his goodwill message to the local government workers.

Said he “On behalf of the National Executive Council of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria ALGON, Board of Trustees, management and the entire staff as well as my family, I wish to convey to our local government workers and other Nigerian worker my greatest felicitation on this International Labour Day. As a strong mark of honour to human capital towards institutional development, commemorating the event offers a great opportunity and love of workers uniqueness, dexterity, patriotism, as well as commitment to duty despite fractured leadership and dysfunction s in some LGAs.

Let me thank the 36 states ALGON Chairmen and their FCT Counterpart for their steadfastness not minding some sour points in their line of duties due to some Governors undue influence.

ALGON National will continue to promote good governance, respect the state and federal as well as build synergy with multi-sectoral institutions in strengthening local government s.

We appreciate for records, some state Governors that are running democratically elected officials where both service delivery and welfare of workers are prioritized. This May day offers a deep introspection on way forward for better.

We appeal to others to join and respect section 7 sub (1) of the 1999 constitution as amended to keep and protect the only government that people are closer to.

ALGON will work collaboratively to ensure that the elected officers deliver on their mandate and are accountable to their constituents through our association internal oversight and competitive approach to deliver service to the people.

On wage issue, though it is a constitutional matter, ALGON is not resting in advocating that a living wage for better working condition is be meted to the workers across the Area Councils and LGAs. Good enough, we are enjoying the assurances of Government and the National Assembly in our several consultations, hence our appeal to the State Assembly to do the needful.

On our monthly Allocation, we are not happy with the sharing formula of 45.17 percent for the federal government, 29.79 percent for state governments and 21.04 percent for the local governments because our responsibility at the grassroots are humongous, the 4th schedule to the1999 constitution provides the impetus and need for upscaling the councils revenue to address all concerns and it’s huge functions.

ALGON appreciates the patriotism, hard work, resilience, and dedication to duty of the rural workers and pray for them all to keep fate with the present administration under Bola Ahmed Tinubu to see if we could enjoy similar cooperation he gave to LGAs when he was a Governor 20 years ago.

Hon Maifata made a passionate appeal to the workers to remain steadfast in the face of the present economic challenges, as they mark the 2024 Workers’ Day.

“ALGON is on course to canvass for the promotion of constitutional needs of people and thier basic needs all through the states given our ideological understanding that a functional system of government and the nexus of service delivery are both inseparable and intertwined.

He call for caring for rural defenseless workers whose future have been facing existential challenges due to poor leadership at the local governments where all style of names have been given to Chairmen, transition, caretaker, and so on as these workers risks care because they are treated with the disrespect. intermittent payment of salaries and denial of other entitlements of workers.

He further stated that the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), and Trade Union Congress (TUC) alongside the National Union of Local Government Employees should close more ranks with ALGON to support in the on going sensitization and advocacy for strengthening the local government system through the constitution amendment.

Maifata also noted that the workers workers in the local government councils are the least cared for due to non elected officers leaving the essential business administration in the hands of political cronies and families there by inhibiting the desired workforce and contribution to the growth of the state’s Gross Domestic Products alongside its internally generate revenue profile.

Hon Maifata expressed his hope that the occasion though popular in the media space has little to give or mean to the rural workers whose salaries, wage or income does not provide those security and economic safety nets as such will play vital role towards the rapid development.

He observed that while the workers celebration connects with the International Labour Movement as celebrated every May 1, it has become imperative for the people and government to appreciate and place more value on workers of the councils to give them sense of belonging.

He call for implementation of the Contributory Pension Scheme to be cascaded down to Local Governments all over the country. To achieve this he said require the support and synergy with the organized labour and the association.

The ALGON National President had in his speech remarked that as pivotal as councils are to grassroots development, it remains a priority of every state government to support it’s development initiative that connects to it’s primary needs like the provision of primary health care needs, education, agriculture, job creation, aggregation of programmes and projects that directly affect the well being of the local population.

He is equally of the view that much as technical support is critical to grassroots development, the repositioning of industry clusters like agriculture sector to add to monthly pay will be a survival strategy of most to the rural dwellers and civil servants which he lamented that unfortunately, insecurity has distanced them from farms while dysfunctional local government system has led to neglect in the provision of infrastructures. These according to him were red flags that needs to be addressed.

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