May 26, 2024

Opinion: Now, I Know Why Football Lovers Cannot Do Without Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy – An Atheist Account

Opinion: Now, I Know Why Football Lovers Cannot Do Without Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy – An Atheist Account


I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in prophecies but philosophy of life. Out of the many things in this world, football interests me more and I am an Arsenal fan.

I don’t like anything related to God or prophecy even though I get to see several messages and videos of pastors on the internet. I don’t believe them because they don’t appeal to me.

The most consistent among them all is Nigerian pastor, Primate Ayodele who speaks about every sector of the country. I have never been interested in his messages until he spoke about the fate of Arsenal and Chelsea.

The reason his message about Chelsea got my attention is because of his manner of presentation, it sounded very funny to me. His statement was that Chelsea is finished and that nothing good will come out of the club except they receive the blessings of the former owner, Roman Abrahamovic. It’s so surprising that since he made that statement, things even gotten worse for the club and as it stands now, they seem to be really finished, with no trophy this season.

When Chelsea employed Frank Lampard as its new coach, this pastor said in one of his videos that Lampard is not the solution to Chelsea’s problem. He then described the former Chelsea player as ‘Corona Virus’ for the team. It sounded really funny that I saw it as a comedy, but it’s just so unfortunate for me that it has come to pass.

Before the Champions League match between Chelsea and Real Madrid, the pastor sent out a video message again, stating that Real Madrid will emerge the winner of the Match. Infact, He mentioned four clubs that will likely lift the Champions League cup in one of his videos. Real Madrid, Manchester City, AC Milan were mentioned and today, three of them are in the semi-finals already and definitely, one of them will emerge winner of the League. When it comes to pass, I will personally write the prophet and probably start believing in God.

As I said earlier, Arsenal is my favourite club and sometimes, I bet huge amount of money during the club’s matches. He spoke about the Arsenal VS Manchester City match which until yesterday, was the most anticipated match in recent times. I had to take my time to analyze the prophecy because of my love for Arsenal, not my love for the prophet. I don’t even know him.

Normally, I would have expected that he declares a winner but rather, He explained how the winner of the match will emerge. It’s beyond prophecy in my opinion especially for a sport like football; the most unpredictable sport in the world.

He spoke about the minutes to score for Arsenal, spoke about the advantage moment for Manchester City to score, it was not even analysis, I still don’t know what to call it.

These were his words

‘’ for the match between Arsenal and Manchester City. Arsenal has between 65-68 minutes to win the match if not, Manchester City will TRASH them. If they use their same strategy, they will be troubled in the match. For Chelsea VS Real Madrid, the moment Chelsea loses the first match, they will have troubles in the second leg. With Lampard in the system, I don’t think Chelsea has anywhere to go except God sends his angels to play for Chelsea. If not, Chelsea isn’t fit to play Real Madrid now’’.

If you ask me, I would say this is just beyond the everyday prophecy other men of God in the world do. Although, I don’t know most of them but I see their messages sometimes and none of them is written or said in this manner.

Just as Primate Ayodele said it, Arsenal missed it from the beginning of the match even before the 65th minute, they were already two goals down and when they scored, it was 86th minute. In the words of the pastor, Arsenal was THRASHED 4-1 to lose the match.

I have not been paying close attention to the man of God before now but I know that several football lovers don’t joke with his prophecies. I used to wonder why they are so obsessed with an ordinary pastor but now, I know why they can’t do without Primate Ayodele’s prophecies.


By John Green, USA

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