June 17, 2024

Easter: Resurrection Of Christ, Proof That Children of God Must Rejoice Always- Methodist Church Prelate, Oliver Abba

Easter: Resurrection Of Christ, Proof That Children of God Must Rejoice Always- Methodist Church Prelate, Oliver Abba

Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence, Dr. Oliver Aba

The Prelate Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence, Dr. Oliver Abba has enjoined all Christians to rejoice now and forever because they have a good master called Jesus Christ, who he said is the saviour of the world, and the joy of Easter celebration.

Dr. Abba stated this in his Easter message to Nigerians and Christians all over the world in Lagos.

“Rejoice because it is only Christianity that has a leader that died and resurrected. No religion can be compared to Christianity. Which other religion knows the way to the Father except Christianity.

“We want to thank God for given us the opportunity to be alive today. It is the grace of God in our lives, and not because we ‘sabi’, he stated.

The clergy added that Easter Sunday is a special day in the lives of Christians all over the world as it has to do with the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He said that this means that “Christ has risen. Our faith would have been in vain, but for the fact that we are here to celebrate His resurrection, it’s a testimony to the fact that we are serving a living God and whoever believes in Him would live long. As long as Jesus lives in us, our tomorrow would be alright.”

“I sincerely want to thank God, who gave us the grace to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Death couldn’t withstand Him. Though many soldiers were guiding his tomb, when the action took place, all of them went into coma.

“So, I believe that when Jesus is working in you, every negativity shall die and if you believe in Christ, I want to tell you categorically that every stone laid on you would not stop you,” he said.

According to the man of God, many are troubled in Nigeria today because there are a lot of unemployed youths, and many young ladies who ought to have married that are waiting for husbands in the country.

He said that somebody must have laid a stone on their growth, but that if they believe in the power of resurrection, today is their day, and that this is their year of breakthrough, and success.

“So, I congratulate everyone in the world for seeing this day. Whatever issue you may have, it’s over, as long as you trust Jesus Christ.

“Let all Nigerians join hands and begin to trust God. The God of Nigeria is unique because He is the owner and ruler of the world,” he said.

The servant of God emphasised the need for all to join hands and pray fervently to the Lord, while stressing that the Bible says, “ask, you shall receive, seek, you shall find.”

He said that what Nigeria and its citizens should seek are peace, way to success, victory, and pray unto God for the nation’s leaders at all levels that they would open their hearts for Christ to lead them.

“When Christ begins to lead someone, that person must be a special candidate. Where others can’t go, he would go there and beyond. It is what I have experienced.

“The key to the kingdom of success is with Christ and if you want to succeed, embrace Christ. Let Christ know you by name, and I want to assure you that it will be well with you,” he said.

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