February 25, 2024

Tokunbo Chiedu Bags “Woman Who Inspires Others’ Award”

Tokunbo Chiedu Bags “Woman Who Inspires Others’ Award”

By Kazeem Bakenne

The CEO of Compass Consulting, Tokunboh Chiedu, has been recognized with an excellent recognition award of ‘Woman Who Inspires Others To Excel.’

The award was bestowed on her on Friday November 24, 2023 at the 15th annual Eloy Conference and Awards, which held in Lagos.

Speaking with the Managing Editor of Nationalmoment.com.ng, Kazeem Bakenne after the award presentation on Friday night, Mrs Chiedu, said that she felt wholesomely honoured to receive the award.

According to her, ”You know it’s one thing to think you are working, but the real test of it is for people to tell you that you are good. When people recognise your work, that’s when you are seen, most especially when you are touching lives.

“Everything we do for people, we are also doing it for ourselves. If it’s just about money, money is one thing, but to touch lives is everything,” she said.

Chiedu stated that to be recognized by Eloy with the most prestigious award for women is a remarkable moment for her, adding that she asked herself if she could even do better.

“As I am being celebrated, what I heard was, what next, How do we do it better? How do we become a bigger platform for women, not just for women in Nigeria but for the people of the world?

“How do we take out our genius and spread the love all over the world? Being a woman entrepreneur in a very diverse business place means everything to me.

“You know people believe that women are not friendly with each other, but this award is telling us that the narrative is changing, women are understanding the power of collective voices for women.

“This means it’s only when we come together that we can achieve. Therefore, I am very happy to be honoured by this amazing platform and I am also taking a clue from this about what we can do next.

From left: Dr Tewa Onasanya presents the award to the Tokunboh Chiedu

“When you help a woman, you help a community, when you help a community, the world will feel the impact, women are at the center of everything that matters to humanity.

“So, it’s not just happenstance that Sustainable Development Goal emphasizes it and supported the women and urged them that they should key into Agenda 2063 of the Africa Union, which emphasises that women are at the center of Africa.

“It said that the transformation of Africa is dependent on women. So, that narrative is for our future and we are going to build African transformation. We will start with women, when we win the women, we win the community,” she said.

The Founder of Compass Consulting encouraged women to continue to do their best, saying that they have known to have the capability and have deep propensity as women.

She said that women are gifted and can take risks, while emphasising the power of unity.

She stressed that when women come together and unite with their voices they will get result.

Tokunbo Chiedu is the CEO of Compass Consulting, an organizational development firm that maximizes employee relationships and fosters inclusive work environment.

She has acquired more than 16 years of relevant experience and expertise in diversity and inclusion management from developing and managing public-private partnerships. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master’s degree in Development from the Middlesex University, UK.

She belongs to the Advisory Board of the Lagos State government. Aside from corporate work, Tokunbo owns TC Clothing, a clothing line that designs bespoke shirts for the urban African woman and Gemology Spa for natural beauty therapy.

Award Winner, Tokunboh Chiedu

Her experience as a corporate consultant has led to a passionate interest in promoting international trade discourses.

In 2018, her company collaborated with CaribDirect, a leading multimedia firm in the United Kingdom, to link African businesses to the European market.

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