May 28, 2024

Varieties Of Traditional Meals On Display At GTCO Food And Drink Festival

Varieties Of Traditional Meals On Display At GTCO Food And Drink Festival

By Kazeem Bakenne

The 7th edition of GTCO Food and Drink might have come and gone, but its memory would continue to linger in the minds of many who attended the annual festival, which held in Lagos.

The festival was not just about continental dishes, traditional meals, such as Amala, iyan, Ghanian food, ofada, roasted yam, corn and some other varieties, were also on display at the festival.

The festival eliminated travelling to Ibadan, Oyo State before you could have a taste of traditional and good ‘Amala’ with ‘ewedu’ and ‘gbegiri’, as Amala Sky Canteen was readily available to satisfy people’s yearnings for good ‘Amala’ at reasonable costs.

The uniqueness of the food was that it was served with native plates, which needed no microwave to keep it warm.

Also fully on ground was ‘ile Iyan’, home of pounded yam. If you want a taste of a native pounded yam, not ‘poundo yam’ you are in the right place, with very green ‘ewedu’, ‘gbegiri’ and ‘efo riro’ calling the attention of visitors with choice of soup. ‘Ile Iyan’ is tested and trusted for pounded yam.

Ghanian Food

One of the most talked about food at the GTCO Food And Drink was Ghanian food. Era of traveling to Accra, the capital of Ghana, before one could have a taste of Ghanian jollof rice is over. Ghana Hight Restaurant provided guests with varieties of Ghanian food including jollof rice, and ‘Wanke’, during the 3-day festival.

One of the guests, who gave his name as Dare Adeleke, said that he travelled to many countries to taste African meals. He testified to the good meals at the festival, most especially Ghanian food.

Just like other traditional food, ofada rice was available for the guests. It was sumptuously prepared with half blended, unripe pepper with sourced meat, and mixed with animals liver, intestines and heart, and served with traditional leaves instead of plates or nylons.

Corn, Roasted Yam

Though we are just going into rainy season, fresh corns and roasted yams were available for the enjoyment of the people.

The memory of the 7th edition of GTCO Food And Drink would continue to be with the visitors and guests, who attended the festival from April 26 to 28.

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