May 28, 2024

Why I Am Supporting Lagos Chapter Of Anambra State Women Association- Igbokwe

Why I Am Supporting Lagos Chapter Of Anambra State Women Association- Igbokwe

Chief Mrs Anthonia Igbokwe has declared her support for the leadership of the Lagos State chapter of the Anambra State Women Association.

Chief Igbokwe made this disclosure during an investiture, award ceremony and the launching of N200 Million for the building of a permanent site for the association in Lagos at the weekend.

According to Chief Igbokwe, ” I was so happy when I was told about the initiative. I am impressed with what they are doing.

With this, Anambra women in Lagos would have a place where they can assemble people in the state.”

Igbokwe further stated that “it’s a great honour to be here, and like I said, when I was told about the initiative, I was excited to be part of it.”

She however, revealed that she decided to be part of the fund raising for Anambra women despite the fact that she was scheduled to be in Canada for a wedding on the same day as she considered the project to be important.

Chief Mrs Antonia Igbokwe

“I ought to be in Canada for a wedding today, but that’s how God works. They called me on Thursday and told me that the ticket had been bought, and that every arrangement had been made for me to be in Canada for the wedding, but God works in miraculous ways, which is why I am here today,” she said.

Speaking about the award presented to her by the association, she thanked them that despite all the women in Anambra State, they conferred the prestigious award on her.

Igbokwe then dedicated the award to God, who she said made it possible for her to be honoured.

She used the opportunity to encourage young Anambra women to join the group in order to develop the state.

According to her, there’s need to develop the Anambra State because every other city in Lagos and around the world are developing, adding that there was need for the people to develop their roots and places of birth.

She equally urged younger ones to have their states of origin in mind to develop them, while praying that God would help them to achieve this.

The award winner also urged the leaders of the association to go to Anambra State and build a hall for the people.

“My advice for Anambra women is that they should take advantage of the association to promote the state. We should all join hands to promote Anambra State.

Chief Mrs Antonia Igbokwe with friends

“Younger ones should not rest on their oars or forget their home. We should not put all our eggs in one basket. We ought to develop our state because when you go outside Nigeria, every other city is being developed. We need to go back to our place and develop it.

“I believe in the leadership of the association, so I would still do more anytime I am called upon to assist,” she said.

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