May 28, 2024

Close And Personal With Chef Uche Annie Uzoga: Facilitator Of Kids Baking Master Class At GTCO Food And Drink

Close And Personal With Chef Uche Annie Uzoga: Facilitator Of Kids Baking Master Class At GTCO Food And Drink

By Kazeem Bakenne

Chef Uche Annie Uzoga is no doubt one of Nigeria’s exports in preparation of nutritional foods and she is doing well in her chosen field.

Uche Uzoga is the Founder and Head Chef at Gourmet Smith Restaurant in Lagos and she has expanded the business to Atlanta Georgia in the United States of America.

Uzoga, a professional and certified chef, didn’t start as a chef initially, but she chose the cooking profession based on the love and passion she has for it.

Having studied at Reddish Culinary School, she worked briefly with Renaissance Hotel before she delved into entrepreneurship and launched Gourmet Twist in 2017.

She has carved a niche for herself in pastries and she has distinguished herself in promoting the Nigerian cuisine.

Chef Uche Uzoka

The passionate chef tells whoever cares to listen that her organisation provides the best banana bread in Lagos and has just expanded to the Atalanta Georgia in the US.

Chef Uzoga believes that she’s still practicing biochemistry, though not in the laboratory, in the sense that biochemistry involves mixing chemical substances to get a result.

She combines different ingredients to arrive at unforgettable delicacies to the delight of whoever comes across them.

Having distinguished herself, she was chosen to teach kids baking at GTCO Food and Drink because of her love for kids and her ability to bring learning to their level.

The day she forgot to add baking powder to baking is the only regret she has so far in her chosen profession, but she has dedicated her life to providing mouth-watering delicacies.

Her business is situated in Lagos where, “we make bread and meals in Lekki Phase 1. We have different flavours from classic banana to double chocolate, orange and several others,” she said.

Studying biochemistry from University of Lagos has enabled her to combine ingredients such as baking powder, soda and other ingredients to ensure that her products come out perfectly.

Uche Uzoka

She went to Red Dish in 2016 and graduated in 2017. She started her culinary journey right after leaving Red Dish, and worked in Renaissance Hotel, now Radisson Blu.

After that, she started her business as a chef with two of her colleagues in Red Dish before she opted out and found Gourmet Twist.

“I am happy that every home in Lagos is part of our bread. Our bread stands out because we bake every product with love.

“If you go to our page or watch our video, you will see the energy that we display and ensure that we prepare the best with adequate ingredients.

Uche Uzoka during her session with kids

“Whoever tastes our products would know that we pour our hearts into what we bake and we ensure that we are consistent.

“That is why whoever tastes our bread will know that we are different,” she said after her session with the kids at the event.

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