May 28, 2024

I Can’t Do Without Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Aldo Zilli

I Can’t Do Without Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Aldo Zilli

By Kazeem Bakenne

An Italian Chef, Aldo Zilli has said that he could not do without having Extra Virgin Olive Oil as ingredients for the preparation of cuisines.

Chef Zilli stated this, while speaking with journalists after finishing his session on Saturday April 27 at this year’s GTCO Food And Drink Festival in Lagos.

The Italian, who has been living in the United Kingdom for over 40 years, spoke on the need for him to always have enough Extra Virgin Olive Oil, while acknowledging that other ingredients are also important.

He however, stated that he could not do without fresh basil and tomato.

The international chef recalled that the most challenging moment in his profession was, when he bought 30 lobsters and put them in a wrong tank and they all sunk to the bottom.

He added that he had to quickly come up with spaghetti lobster, which he said is now known with him all over the world, saying that the incident is historic.

Having been to Nigeria four times, the Italian Chef expressed optimism to visit Nigeria anytime another opportunity comes up.

“I have tasted many Nigerian dishes, and I love their spices,” he said, adding that he loves producing books, and that Nigeria has got fantastic fish, while testifying that the lamb meat he ate the previous night was great.

On his takeaway from GTCO Food And Drink, he said that he loves the concept of the festival.

“For me. It’s preparing cuisines is in my blood. I started in London, and it’s been exciting. Coming to this festival is the best thing that ever happened to me,” he said.

Italian Chef, Aldo Zilli

He said that his biggest inspiration is visiting different countries, tasting their foods, especially local ones, and discovering different ingredients anywhere he goes.

Aldo Zilli specialises in Italian cuisines and his restaurant in the UK was opened over 40 years ago.

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